Monday, May 12

Fragrent Fare

My fare was late and in a rush to get to work but first he had to make an important diversion. Even though the fare only lived within a few hundred yards of his workplace he just couldn't go straight there. First he told me that as a matter of life or death, he had to go to the supermarket for something crucial. He dashed in whilst I waited outside happily watching the meter ticking away.
 As I waited, I wondered what the heck could be so important that he had to make this dear detour. Surely it must be something more essential than cigarettes, lunch, coffee or tea.
 The answer came when he dashed out tearing feverishly at the packaging of a bottle of Galvin Cline aftershave,” cant go to work without this" he said spraying himself blissfully, like a junkie who has scored. Mmm guess it's his fragrant part of the day eh?

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