Wednesday, May 14

Eco Friendly Bikes

They say that the hydrogen powered car for everyday use is twenty to forty years away yet.
But in the next year or so hydrogen fuel cell powered motorbikes and scooters will be on the market. Some will be a hybrid of electric and hydrogen but will still have zero emissions. Pity about the British weather, which unfortunately will be the biggest obstacle to sales over here.


Deryk said...

You just know they're "eco friendly" when they look like some awful 1970s attempt at sci-fi.

If they ever invent an eco friendly vehicle that looks like something where you wouldn't need to carry around a newspaper to hold up to your face and hide the embarrassment when you get off/out of it, they'll have cracked it ;)

Bob said...

deryk: Very true but check out the telsa post.

Parag said...

Cool bikes. I love the concept of eco friendly bikes. The world where the prices of oil and gases are alarmingly high and the environment which is paying the price, eco friendly living is the need of the day.
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