Sunday, April 27

Winners and Losers

Now that Barrow's much criticized new one way system has been up and running for a few weeks the winners and losers are starting to emerge. The winners seem to be the car showrooms and garages which are on the new route, and now get a lot more passing trade. Two of the losers that I have noticed so far are the Barrow PC World branch and the popular Pub and eatery the Owl and Pussycat, along with its kids play area the Wacky Warehouse. Both businesses are marooned in a sea of traffic cones and unfinished roadwork’s. Folk tell me that they find that both are now hard to get to, requiring doubling back on yourself and going the long way round if you are coming from town. 
Staff from both outfits have told me that sales are well down since the new road system opened and looking at the empty car parks certainly confirms this to be so. Maybe when the roadworks are finally completed and the last of the dreaded cones disappear, things may improve, but I wouldn't bet on it. Oh and I still haven't heard one single word of praise for the detested road layout yet, and think it's highly unlikely that I ever will. One of my fares was right on the money, when he said"Two and a half million pounds would have been better spent on youth facilities for our kids, to keep them off the streets, they are the future, not tarmac and concrete."


Lou said...

PC World is probably empty because they have the reputation of being one of the worst places to buy computer products from in the country.

Even on one of their adverts they didnt know the difference between storage and memory.

bob mullen said...

Jane: Yes you are right, but thought that if I said so that they might sue me.