Wednesday, April 23

St Georges Day

Barrow has never been big on celebrating St George’s day unlike our neighbours in nearby Ulverston who had a St Georges festival on Sunday. But Ulverston likes to be known as the festival town, and so they don't need too much of an excuse for any form of festival. This year’s events include a Flag, Dickensian, Beer, Charter, International Music, Folklore, Comedy, Walking, Buddhist, Print, Fashion, Soot juggling and the Furness Festival of Tradition.
 OK so I lied about the soot juggling, but wouldn't be surprised to see it in the list next year.
 I was taken by surprise to actually see St George’s day greetings cards on sale in Barrow town centre this week, perhaps we’re slowly warming to the idea. Heck we’ll be having festivals next eh!


roy said...

We Irish could teach you how to celebrate your national day, we rock at it!
By the way how did you change your comment form to allow wordpress links I want to show
how to do it

Bob said...

Roy: No argument about that one Roy, we could take a leaf from your book.
The comment form was changed by going to settings /comments, and changing the who can comment setting to anyone or open id.

roy said...

thanks bill... I'll tell her

Peggy said...

Hope you had fun waving your flag! ;-)

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, its nice to see a bit of tradition and flag waving instead of all this religous/political/ethnic correctness crap, lets face were Brits.

St George Unofficial Bank Holiday said...

Our campaign for a bank holiday on St George's Day continues to grow - we have seen a 300% increase in the number of people signing our petition in 2008 compared to 2007. And over 1,500 'Happy St Georges Day' e-cards were sent from our website in one hour on 23 April 2008. View

I'm sure the Welsh will soon get their bank holiday on St David's Day and then the government will have no excuse for not making 23 April a day off work.