Friday, April 11

Hump Dodge

I wonder just how many tens of thousands of pounds have been wasted on new road humps recently installed on Barrows Holker Street. I say wasted because that's exactly what they have done with most of these shiny new humps. I wondered what was going on at first, was I getting paranoid? But no it seems that every time I drive down Holker, St random cars coming from the opposite direction will deliberately veer across the road, kamikaze style and head straight towards my cab. Had I upset someone, was there a reward for crashing into me? But no it seems that maybe some council bod has got his sums wrong and left just enough room in the middle of the road between the concrete humps for a car to pass, without it's occupants being shaken to bits by the bone shaking humps(comically they are actually called speed "cushions"). Barrow's local drivers will do anything to avoid the dreaded speed bumps, even playing chicken with each other and competing for who gets to the gap first. I wonder just how long it will be before these road humps, which are meant to prevent accidents are the cause of a collision themselves.


Peggy said...

Those speed bumps play hell with a poor person's car suspension. Its not like everybody can afford a new car with excellent suspension. Was traffic speed really so big a problem that that many speed bumps needed to be made?

Bob said...

peggy: well it cost me £130 this week to repair my suspension. The garage said it can be directly blamed on the road humps.