Saturday, March 15

New Bridge for Walney

Walney Islands only bridge being stuck in the open position on Wednesday night for one and a half hours reinforces what we locals have known for years. “Walney Island needs a new bridge” and not just a replacement for the existing antique structure, but a brand new extra bridge.
What with a population of fourteen thousand, most of which seem to be car owners, it’s vital that this large proportion of Barrow taxpayers are not left stranded again.
If a new bridge were built linking the bottom of Mill Lane and Ironworks Road, folk working on the industrial estates on Ironworks road and Park road and those wanting to go out of town wouldn’t need to go anywhere near the town’s centres busiest roads. This would cut out a huge amount of traffic at a stroke and at the same time save both fuel and time. Maybe the millions which have been wasted on pointless road schemes like the new disastrously silly one way system, and Tesco’s tragic roundabout should have been used to finance this badly needed new bridge.

It seems that my prediction the other Friday, of fresh road schemes being started without consulting us; the road users have been proved right already. Barrow’s Hindpool Rd has been closed, causing spectacular tailbacks. This they tell me is the first phase of a road scheme for a new road down the former Cornmill sidings. And yet again we have the same contractor who has a bad record of being late finishing contracts, sometimes by many months. And why on earth has this new scheme even been started when the one way system is still far from being finished.

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Mudbanker said...

If county planners have their way it won't happen.

Time to shout louder?