Saturday, March 8

Naughty Nurse.

Eyes were popping and jaws were dropping down Rawlinson St way early this Saturday morning. It seems that one of Friday’s revellers was on her weary way home after a long night on the tiles. But the night out must have had a fancy dress theme and the lass was wearing what looked like a naughty Nurses outfit, complete with short skirt, stockings and suspenders. Not that I looked of course, but my taxi steering seemed to lock and ended up taking me round the block a time or two. As she reached the two garages on Rawlinson St, work ground to a standstill and swarms of eager mechanics rushed out knocking each other over to try and get a better view. Luckily my steering seemed to have righted itself because I had to take avoiding action as two cars and a milk float drifted to the wrong side of the road and straight at me. Yes 9am Saturday morning is definitely not a good time to be seen dressed like that, some of the poor guys looked as if they might need the services of a genuine nurse after that shock. Maybe she will be sensible next time and get a taxi home!

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bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, For 8 years I worked from 8am on Sunday mornings, you can just imagine some of the sites I've seen returning home at that time of day, especially because of party night usually being a Saturday !!.