Saturday, March 1

Cover Up

A COUNCIL has been accused of acting like “Big Brother” because it has banned pictures of scantily clad women from being used on local taxis.
Cosmetic surgery chain MYA (Make Yourself Amazing) applied to Newcastle City Council to use its designs, which include pictures of models in bikinis, on the exterior of the city’s Hackney Carriages.
But MYA’s designs have been rejected by the council on the grounds that they would be too distracting for motorists.
The designs were sent to the council for approval this week with plans to launch the advertising scheme today, and keep the contract running for an indefinite period in order to raise MYA’s profile in Newcastle.
MYA Cosmetic Surgery, who say their advertising campaigns celebrate the beauty of the female form, have one of their flagship clinics situated on the Newcastle Quayside, and already have a number of their own vehicles with similar branded designs.
MYA Chairman and owner of Doncaster Rovers football club, John Ryan, said he was disappointed with the council’s decision.
He said: “This is such a shame for us and we are quite frankly stunned at the council’s decision.
“We were very excited about increasing our awareness in the Newcastle area. What is going to be next for Newcastle? Are women going to be banned from walking on pavements?”
And local taxi driver Paul Allen also said he felt Newcastle Council had overreacted to the designs. He said: “I have seen certain branded cars with ladies wearing not much on the side.
“It is not like they’re naked and it has never made me take my eyes off the road. It is like Big Brother – women on the streets may be forced to cover up. How far do you go?”

A spokesman said: “Newcastle City Council has a duty to protect the safety of other road users. We believe this particular image, which is white and appears prominently on the rear of a vehicle, would distract other drivers and cause accidents.”

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