Friday, February 1


A Greek taxi driver is donating his record-breaking Mercedes car to the company’s museum in Germany. Gregorios Sachinides’ Mercedes 240D has clocked up a record-breaking 2.8m since he bought it in 1981. The mileage is the equivalent of six trips to the moon and back, or 82 times around the earth. Sachinides said he clocked up the miles driving around the streets of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. He said he also made hundreds of journeys to Belgrade to transport medical supplies during the Balkans war. He added he was so pleased with his car he wrote to company boss Juergen Hubbert to thank him personally for the outstanding service. Mercedes say they believe the mileage is the most ever put on one of their cars. Well he can’t say that he didn’t get value for his money then eh!

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