Monday, February 25

Foul Air

On the opening day of Tesco’s brand new Roose Metro store I happened to get a job picking up from there. They had a band playing and they were dishing out free champagne to the first shoppers. As I pulled up outside I expected to see lot’s of happy smiling faces. But no the gathered dignitaries and shoppers looked as if they were gagging and some held their noses and were a sickly shade of green. Was the champagne off, or were the nibbles stale? The answer hit me when I rolled down the window to call out my fares name. It seems that the local Salthouse Pool sewerage works had picked that day of all days to release a stomach churning stench to foul the proceedings. I bet the phone lines to United Utilities were red hot that morning.


Peggy said...

Reminds me of summer here - I know that if the silage is getting cut in the field next door, they're going to spray slurry on it next and having the neighbours over for a barbecue is off the schedule.

Bob said...

Peggy yep it would kind of put the guests of a bit eh!