Friday, February 29


As our new Walney Road one way system moves ever nearer to its disastrous completion drivers are biting their fingernails in dread of the coming chaos. But when this monumental waste of time and £2.5m in cash is finally completed what can we look forward to next on Barrow's roads. Surely the planners and well padded committee members from the grim and distant far north of the county must have some other fiendish road delay schemes in the pipeline. But of course we won't have to worry about that because just as in the past we won't be consulted or asked about how our taxes are spent on our behalf. Perhaps it's all part of some devilish plan to divert us into driving round in circles whilst they get on with taking all the government funding and the best jobs for the top part of the county. But I would say that instead of dreaming up ever more silly road “improvement" schemes that a look should be taken at some of our older one way systems. For instance we have a one way system on Barrow Island which was designed many, many years ago to prevent the streets being used as rat runs by the hordes of workers leaving the nearby shipyard gates. But the lords and masters up in Carlisle won't be aware that this, as any local will tell you is now just a dim and distant memory. Most of the nearby shipyard gates are long sealed and pedestrian only, and the dwindled workforce is now based away from the island at the Devonshire Dock Hall. So how much longer should we have to suffer driving round in silly little circles causing needless pollution and wasting expensive fuel. Let’s have a comprehensive review of our older traffic systems before we adopt any more madcap schemes, after all times and traffic have changed eh!

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isha said...

I think that it's a good system. Thank you!

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