Monday, January 21

OneWay/No way

As work crawls ahead at less than a snails pace, Barrow’s £2.4 m road scheme must surely be getting somewhere near to completion. Work started in a flurry of activity way back in August with the hopelessly optimistic target of being completed by Christmas 2007. Here we are in late January 08 and things seem to have shuddered to a series of sporadic fits and starts. Which knowing from past experience with the main contractor, was exactly what we all knew and fully expected anyway, no surprises there eh! But over the last few months I have been asking all my fares who travel with me past the roadwork’s “what do you think of the new one way system.” I must have spoken to at least five hundred folk of all ages and both sexes, both drivers and non drivers. The result was an overwhelming thumbs down for the one way system, not one single person was in favour of it and most were very vocal in their condemnation of the much disliked scheme. Most said “why do we need it” or questioned the sanity of the “road planners from Carlisle who have probably never been here.” Perhaps we will all be proved wrong when the one way system is finally finished, but somehow I very much doubt it.

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Paradise Driver said...

Sounds like the work was subcontracted to the Hawai'i Department of Transportation. :)