Sunday, January 13

Miracle Cure

After four days the rattling coming from the rear of the taxi when I took corners seemed to grow louder and louder. The size of the bill to fix the expensive sounding clunking got bigger and bigger in my imagination by the hour. After the fourth time of getting soaked by climbing out and checking under the car for any problem, it was driving me mad. Then for some unknown reason I got out of the drivers seat and sat in the back seats and looked around. There deep in the plastic door pockets I found the miracle cure for the mystery noise. Some joker had planted a golf ball which was rolling about when I took corners, Grr!


Christopher Harley said...

You hit the nail on the head. We, as cabbies, get so use to every little sound and every possible nuance of the cab's performance to the point of going mad when even the slightest change in tone or pitch begin to emanate from the nether regions of the taxi.

I liken it to that feeling one gets at the onset of a head-cold; we think the worst and pray for the best!

Bob said...

Chris: Exactly what I was trying to convey, you just know when something is amiss.