Wednesday, January 2

Laser Crazy

Quite a few folk I have been picking up have been telling me tales of having seen strange lights in the Furness night sky. At first I thought that maybe they had been partaking of a bit too much Christmas spirit, but when more and more folks told the same tale, I started to wonder. Finally I myself caught a glimpse of the eerie green shimmering lights over Newbarns coming from the direction of Dalton. All was explained the next day when I happened to pick up the vicars wife from St Mary's church Dalton. She tells that the Rev Allan Mitchell has over the last few years developed a bit of an obsession with lasers. Each year his collection gets bigger and more powerful, this year he has a total of five lasers lighting up the night sky for the Christmas season. When conditions are right they can be seen from certain areas of Barrow reflecting off the low clouds, looking like the glow from the Northern Lights.

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