Saturday, January 26

Job Vacancy

I see that licensing chiefs at South Lakeland District Council have granted a Hackney Carriage licence for the operation of two pedal rickshaw taxis - which are more commonly found on the streets of bustling Asian cities like Beijing, Delhi or Hanoi. This is exactly where they belong and where they should stay. Why do we need a third world transport mode cluttering up our already overcrowded Lakeland roads? The rickshaws, which cost around £3,000 each, will be operated by Mr & Mrs Davies, of Field Broughton, who it seems, came up with the idea as something to do to punish their poor son in summer. But as they intend buying two rickshaws it seems that there may be a vacancy for another rider, anyone fancy it?

The rickshaws, also known as pedicabs, which are in the form of a two-person seated carriage being pulled by a bicycle, will be running on a predetermined, very hilly route linking Waterhead with Ambleside.

The licensing cabinet spent an hour-and-a-half discussing safety issues relating to the rickshaws, before granting a licence on condition that mirrors are attached, that only two passengers can be taken at any time, that two seatbelts are fitted and that helmets are available for passengers to wear.


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

there are loads of them here , peddle powered and pulled variety..and fairly popular!

Bob said...

Roy: They may have a place in a city but not round the narrow Lakeland roads.