Saturday, January 19


My fare got in the car all hot and flustered and seemed to be in a hurry. After a short drive we reached her destination and she held up her handset and said “I won’t be long here, and then I will be phoning back for another cab.” I shook my head and said “no I don’t think that you will.” Looking puzzled and gesturing with the handset again she said “I can promise you I will ring your office, I always use this taxi firm every time.” Again I told her that she “definitely won’t be ringing our office for a taxi.” Now she was getting a bit wound up and was wafting her handset about and getting closer too clouting me on the head with it “why the heck not she said.” “Because that’s your TV remote control and not your phone that you’ve picked up” I said sweetly.


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...


Peggy said...

Hey, that could have happened to anybody! It's a funny one!