Saturday, December 1

Vainly Straight

Ladies wondering what to get the man in your life for Christmas this year? Well according to a local barrow hairdresser who I took to work in the cab today she knows the ideal gift. It seems that a lot of Barrow blokes have a big secret. Their wife's and girlfriends don't know the secret and definitely not any of their workmates or drinking buddy's. But our hairdresser friend tells me that she and other trained hair stylists can spot the signs from fifty feet away. What's the big secret? well it seems to be the trend amongst some of our more vain menfolk to use those new fangled electric heated hair straighteners.

She works in a unisex salon and has had to mention to otherwise butch manly men that they are damaging their crowning glory with too much use of these heated gadgets. Most it seems blush and deny any knowledge, but still purchase the hair repair shampoo she recommends. This can only lead to one conclusion, they must be acting like a secret cross dresser and using the wifes or girlfriend or mums hair gear in secret. So the answer is girls"buy him his own"


Roy said...

I clip my hair weekly number 8 all over

Bob said...

Well you and me are at that stage in life were we aren't trying to hard to impress the ladies. But no doubt a few years back you like myself were a bit of a staghound eh?