Saturday, December 29

Tweeny Time

That awkward time between Christmas and New Year is always a strange one; I call it the tweeny time. Folk are off work and stuck together the weather is awful and so they get restless. Most tend to herd on down for a mooch at the local supermarkets but others hit the ale for the full seasons holidays. This is guaranteed to lead to lots of domestic disputes and this often leads to one of the partners unloading their tales of woe to their taxi driver who is after all a captive audience. I have had my fair share of those this year and don't mind too much, after all it only takes a few nods of sympathy and one or two nods in agreement and they feel happier. But of course the ones every driver hates and dreads are the couples who have a full scale row right there in the back of the cab. I have had three couples do just that during this year’s tweenies. The first couple were driven to their destination in record time and continued bickering walking up their garden path. The second couple were the oddly matched type; he was small and weedy and obviously didn't want to argue in public. She on the other hand was very large and very loud and also very determined to win the row. The more he didn't respond the madder she got, and when he finally did pluck up the courage to tell her to shut up he was rewarded with a sharp slap round the ear. Last but not least were the warring couple who both decided that I should be asked "what do you think then." Not being a qualified referee or marriage guidance counsellor I answered with my usual "nowt to do with me, I don't do domestics." But as we were pulling up outside a busy town centre pub I did give them one piece of advice which I hope they heeded "Sort it out before you both start drinking, or it'll get blown out of all proportion, and you'll regret it tomorrow"


Bill said...

I've never understood why people get violent in drink. I`ve always gone out in a good mood and come back home in one. Don't see the point. I go out to enjoy myself but I know what you mean. Had it myself this Christmas and the other one that annoys me is when 2 or more people get in the cab and argue as to where they are going. It happened to me last night and after a few minutes of this I pulled to the side of the road and stopped the car and told them that if they didn't decide here and now that they can get out and walk.

Bob said...

Bill: Yep sometimes you just know that you are wasting your time and it's best to cut your losses and dump the rubbish.