Monday, December 10


A couple of snippets from the last week or so, firstly on Thursday. We all know that Barrow folk just love a bargain but local shoppers just couldn't believe their luck when stock was being given away in Barrow's Dalton Road. It seems that new owners of the recently closed Kwik-Save supermarket had sent in workers to clear the store. Instead of dumping the shelf loads of canned goods they just carried it outside and delighted shoppers swooped and carried it off in a fair imitation of our local seagulls.
Sunday morning and the aftermath of the Hatton-v- Mayweather fight. Picking up a weary fan from one local Pub amongst many which had stayed open all night for the fight fans, it seems that it wasn't just Hatton who never made it to the end of the fight. My fare told me that the pub was littered with snoozing fight fans knocked out by too much booze and defeated by tiredness who never even saw any of the big fight.

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