Tuesday, December 4

Rolling Plod

It seems that Police in the London borough of Sutton are experimenting with a fleet of self-balancing Segway human transporters to patrol certain areas over the next month or so.
They say that the two-wheeled scooters trundle along up to 12.5mph and give officers greater authority by raising them 8in off the ground.
But even though the Segway is three times faster than walking,villains will not be unduly worried. They can escape simply by heading for the nearest stairs.
Up until now it has been best known in this country as the "idiot proof" machine that President George Bush managed to fall off. So far it is reported that the overwhelming response is howls of laughter.


Agent Orange said...

Running upstairs, a bit like how you used to be able to escape from an angry Dalek.

Deryk said...

I can't decide whether they look menacing (with the red bit at the bottom that looks like it could shoot a deadly laser at you!) or just plain ridiculous. Probably the latter!

New way to stop criminals I suppose, instead of having them rolling around from CS gas or a tazer shot, get them rolling around with laughter :)