Saturday, December 22

Eye Poppers

The morning after the infamous black eye Friday and most of the time was spent taking the waifs and strays home after a heavy night on the ale.
One of these jobs was a young lady still dressed in all her partying duds from the previous night. The thing was that she wasn’t covering up much with the few scraps of cloth she wore; she had the shortest skirt and the lowest top imaginable. She was also exceptionally well endowed and her tiny top strained to keep her even partly covered. She sat up in the front with me and I strained to keep my eyes on the road and avoid any harsh potholes (honest really). We were on our way to Walney Island and as we bounced our way down the low road all of a sudden she let out a squeal and grabbed her chest. She had spotted a local police van which was parked up watching for drunk drivers. “I forgot to put my seatbelt on” she gasped and fumbled for it. I looked at the two policemen in the van, one had a big daft grin on his face and the other had his mouth wide open and was beginning to drool. Looking back at her I said “No love I can assure you they weren’t looking for a seat belt”

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