Saturday, December 8

Civil Enforcement Officer?

Well it seems that the number of parking fines is set to rocket thanks to new powers allowing attendants to issue tickets without having to slap them on windscreens.
It will be possible to issue by post on the evidence of a "civil enforcement officer" - the silly new name being given to traffic wardens.
These grandly named officers will merely have to prove that they have "observed" a parking offence but were "prevented" from handing out the penalty charge.
This would not only apply to cases where an officer is threatened but also where the car has been driven off before the ticket was placed on the windscreen.
In a further blow to motorists, and citizens rights millions could also lose their right to an independent appeal under the shake-up of parking law brought in by the Government.
The new regulations will be brought before MPs before Christmas and in force by spring. They are expected to outrage unsuspecting drivers.
Drivers pay an estimated £1.2 billion a year in parking fines. Around 200 councils control their own parking and keep the money raised in fines, a move which many motorists regard as a stealth tax.
Another sneaky provision will allow councils to set up their own appeals machinery, rather than using the National Parking Adjudication Service. This has been likened to handing Dracula the keys to the National Blood Bank.


Peggy said...

Um? Don't they have to prove guilt anymore?? That's scary!

Bob said...

peggy:scary indeed eh!