Thursday, November 29

Skip Hunk

I just happened to be browsing through the pages of that well-known waste trade magazine "The Skip" recently, as no doubt you all do regularly. When I happened to come across this picture and piece about a local lad who seems to have hit the big time.
"The Skip hunk for February is Shaun from H Wicks Skip Hire in Barrow-In-Furness and he’s all pumped up and ready to woo the nation's ladies with his facial contortions and penchant for woolly hats."
Shaun, then goes on to tell us a bit about himself and believe me, it is a bit, guess he's the strong silent type eh! "Well, I’m a skip truck driver for H Wicks up in Barrow-In-Furness – and that’s about it. Is that good enough?" Not really – what do you do in your spare time?"I like walking my dog, Rusty and breathing in the fresh country air – it makes a change from picking up smelly skips all day long."Do you have any messages for our female readers? "Yeah – Garlic is the new Viagra!"
Hmm, OK. Have you got any amusing or strange stories that you’d like to tell our readers?
"Don’t be silly, I live in Barrow – nothing happens here!"
That’s a shame. Thanks for the photo anyway. Keep pulling those faces!
Now then form an orderly queue girls, one at a time.


Webbie said...

Alright I'll post the obvious question so we can get it out of the way: How come you were browsing a SKIP magazine's website...?

Bob said...

webbie: well I used to be in the trade in a former life!

Web3 said...

Long live The Skip!

5 Star Skip Hire