Saturday, November 17

Ma&Yi Say

More from the China Daily.
"A Frenchman working in Hong Kong has been fined for exposing his buttocks to a taxi driver.
A 41-year-old cabbie, surnamed Ma, said he picked up Paul Mouette, 26, and his three friends in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, one early morning in August.
Mouette was drunk and asked Ma if he was gay, before taking down his pants and exposing his buttocks.
Mouette was ordered to pay HK$1,750 ($220) in fines and legal costs"

Meanwhile a pet taxi is helping animal lovers get out and about
A taxi service for pets has been doing a brisk business since its start a month ago in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province.
The company's owner, surnamed Yi, said he had transported more than 20 dogs and cats in less than a month.
He said he saw a lot of potential in the business because more and more local residents are raising pets at home.
Yi converted his van into a special pet taxi after he realized that few cab drivers were willing to pick up his girlfriend because she wanted to bring her dog in the car.
Many of Yi's friends, relatives and neighbors now regularly call him to carry their pets around town. Many of them enjoy taking their pets to the city's outskirts for walks.
I would say that Monsieur Mouette is lucky that he dropped his pants in Mr Ma's taxi rather than Mr Yi's, or he may have ended up with a damaged rear end.

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