Tuesday, November 27

Green Car

2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

I am still trying to get my head round the amazing fact that the USA state of California, which is considered to be the most environmentally friendly has announced a two ton 5.3 litre SUV as the green car of the year. They boast proudly that the Chevrolet Tahoe is the first hybrid SUV, and that fuel efficiency is 30% better than a standard V-8. They then add insult to injury by going on to say that during city driving where a large percentage of SUVs spend their time every day, the 6.0-liter two-mode hybrid Tahoe achieves 50 percent better fuel efficiency. Or is it only me that thinks that SUVs have no place in the city or the town for that matter. As a matter of fact I would go as far as to say that they should be taxed out of existence except for necessary mountain road and rough terrain use.
General Motors issues the following load of tosh!

"GM promised they would use hybrid technology, and use it where it would make the most difference – on their biggest vehicles. They have delivered with the Chevy Tahoe,” pointing out that this vehicle ends the argument that efficiency and vehicle choice are incompatible. He adds that automakers should now make their entire fleets fuel efficient as fast as they can retool."
"The Tahoe Hybrid features seating for up to eight passengers, a 60 cubic foot cargo volume with the second and third row seats folded, the ability to carry up to 1400 pounds of cargo, and a tow rating of up to 6,200 pounds."
Wow should I be impressed? maybe not, when I know fine well that most of these monsters will carry no more than two or three admittedly overweight passengers on short inefficient city commuting trips.


Paradise Driver said...

Bob, most people in California commute over 100 miles one way to get to work and then another 100 miles back. Public transportation is worthless. It is too expensive to buy a home in the major metro areas.

Having a large vehicle makes the trip more comfortable. Trust me, I've done it.

This one sounds very practical. Sorry, but knowing the conditions, I'll have to disagree with you. Respectfully, of course.

Bob said...

Wil:Aye maybe, but does the answer not lie in improving the worthless public transportation. When the oil runs out as it will do some time soon, comfort won't enter into the equation.

Dogbait said...

Hear, hear. Then again, Bob, my favourite show is Top Gear so I need burning at the stake for hypocrisy!

Bob said...

dogbait: Oh no that would cause far too much pollution.

John Nez said...

I too couldn't believe that a SUV was awarded the 'Green Car' award! I think it reveals the basic disconnect to reality of the automakers.

But seeing as how the US Auto industry is practically bankrupt... while the Japanese are at an all time high... I guess the market will point out this basic disconnect for them!

In point of fact, SUVs ought to be classified as 'light trucks' because of their weight. And by law many reisdential areas prohibit light trucks, since they tear up the roadways and bridges.

But thankfully, SUV sales have been plummeting lately.