Friday, November 9

Ears a Good Un

One of Britain's strongest men today attempted an unlikely record - pulling a London double decker bus 10 metres (32ft) using only his ears.
Manjit Singh, who already holds a number of unusual strength records, attempted the feat at London's Hyde Park to help celebrate World Records Day.
Last year Mr Singh pulled a passenger aircraft weighing 7.4 tonnes a distance of 3.4 metres (11ft) using his ears.... so the 10 metre target with a 7.5-tonne bus represented his stiffest challenge yet.
Unfortunately it proved too much for him, and he gave up after around 5 metres.


bigbikerbob said...

Ear ear now that'l never do,Ive never heard of that.

Paradise Driver said...

Way back in a life before I became a cop, I was taught that it only took 3 pounds of force to remove a persons ear from their head.

Later, in a bug infested jungle, I found this to be correct.

Peggy said...

Interesting - but odd. The question is "Why?

Bob said...

Don't go copying him folks eh!