Wednesday, October 10

Russian Roulette

We think things are bad on our roads, but you should thank your lucky stars you don't live in Moscow. There drink-driving and speeding have made roads among Europe’s most dangerous, but now locals face a sinister new threat" armed drivers."
Three pedestrians are the latest victims when a driver shot them from his car after complaining that they were walking too slowly on a zebra crossing in the city.
Witnesses said that the driver shouted at the pedestrians to get out of his way, then pulled out a pistol and shot them when they ignored him. Two were shot in the chest and another his arm and leg. The driver sped away but police later arrested an Azerbaijani man in connection with the shooting. The incident is the second in two weeks in which people have been shot by motorists in Moscow.
Locals are outraged about the serious escalation of road rage in this congested city, where drivers daily suffer two-hour traffic jams. Pravda, one of Russia’s popular newspapers, commented: “Stupidly, disgustingly, a real war on the streets of Moscow is continuing.”
Russia’s roads are already dangerous, mainly because drivers can pay a bribe to acquire their licence instead of having to pass a test.
Personally I think it's a bit harsh shooting slow pedestrians like that, a good jolt with a tazer would be much more civilized.


Peggy said...

It is so sad when living gets hard and life is cheapened.

Bob said...

peggy:They tell me that the East is very much like the old West was back in the 1890s.