Tuesday, October 23

NYC Taxi Logo

Well what do we all think of the new New York City taxi logo then? It's the top one with the old one pictured below. I quite like it myself.


Paradise Driver said...


Like they couldn't tell it was a taxi before?

Change the required signage and make it mandatory.

I wonder which of Bloomberg's friends is in the decal making business?

Roy said...

It's nice, I'm in favour of our Irish Regulators proposal to standardise the colours of our cabs, I might change my mind when they announce the colour though!!

Joe said...

I rented the 'civilian' version of this car in the States this year, it was brilliant, like driving a sofa! It would be useless in UK but fab over there.

John said...

When are you coming to Dublin?

Bob said...

john: four weeks on the 23rd. Can't wait.