Sunday, September 2

Smarten Up

I'm wondering how long it is before Barrow council follows the example of Blackpool's public protection committee. Firstly they are proposing introducing an age limit for vehicles of ten years, they say this is to cut down on harmful emissions and so improve air quality.
But it's the proposals for a stricter dress code that interest me, especially when looking round at some of our local drivers whose workgear consists of everything that they are talking about banning. The proposals are to ban "T-shirts bearing offensive logos, football shirts and baseball caps"drivers will be able to wear shorts as long as they are tailored.
Well if they introduce those rules around here I can see a lot of local drivers having to buy a complete new wardrobe. The charity shops will be full of XXL size three quarter pants and slightly gravy stained football tops.
But where they go too far is the silly idea of compulsory
display of "How am I driving?" signage and a telephone hotline. Thats just asking for every crank and stresshead driver to call and let off steam every time a cab stops to pick up a fare in the road. Take for instance the overwrought driver who actually stopped and got out of his car today and pointed down at the double yellow lines under my cab. Yes we all know they mean no parking, but if he checked the highway code he would find it also says "except for the loading and alighting of passengers." Still I suppose it would keep yet another well salaried council official busy answering the phone.
Blackpool council are to vote on introducing these rules in the next week, and if it is passed some drivers are talking about strike action.


Peggy said...

Perhaps you could photo copy bits of the highway code, underlining the bits like the double yellow line loading and unloading and hand it to people like Mr Pedantic. It would be a bit petty on your part to do that, but it sure would be fun, just to see the look on his smug git face.

Bob said...

peggy: yes but it's much more fun when I walk over and check his tax disc and tyres. They then seem to have a choking fit.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob I've been away for a while so have only just read this post, we here in parts of Devon have had the dress code for three years now plus all cabs have to be under 7 years old except proper hackney type vehicles.Also no advertising (except cab co names) and they check vehicle cleanliness with spot checks.They also tried to bring in compulsory ties but having 340 complaints out of just over 400 cabbies they temporarally dropped that.