Friday, September 7

Polski Sklep

We may be located at the end of a thirty mile cul-de-sac but it can't be denied that multiculturalism is finally hitting Barrow in a big way. This has been proved by the opening of Barrows first Polish grocery shop on Rawlinson St. This could be a big hit with the local Polish community, such as the two lads I picked up last week from Tesco who were as pleased as punch with the Polish beer they had found on sale there. Luckily most Barrovians seem to have a soft spot for the Polish folk
and seem to make them welcome. Let's hope that the goodwill doesn't wear thin when we get the predicted big influx expected next year when construction starts on the huge new BAE building. But it's not just Polish folk who are recent arrivals to Barrow.
Just last week
my fares included Polish, Nigerians, Lithuanians, Portuguese, Malaysians, Thai and a gem of a lady from Tobago, who insisted on a formal introduction and shaking hands before getting in the cab.


Rosalind said...

Oooh, good-oh! At last, somewhere in Barrow to stock up on kielbasa and wisniak!

One great thing about the Polish influx is that they are often reintroducing old-fashioned food shops that are frequently the best in town.

Bob said...

rosalind: Yep you are right there even looking at the shop evokes memories of my childhood Rawlinson St with it s multitude of family shops.

Peggy said...

I love small shops. We try to go into our nearest one at least once a day.

In Dumfries there are polish sections at the big supermarkets.

I picked up some pickles and some stewed plums as they both looked pretty yummy. Now if I can find keilbasa I'll be laughing!

Bob said...

peggy or rosalind: excuse my ignorance but what the heck is keilbasa or even wisniak.

Rosie said...

Bob, kielbasa (the l should have a little bar across it and it;s pronounced like w) is a sausage for slicing. Wisniak (don't even think about the bits and piece that should go on and onder the letters!) is cherry vodka, and very moreish.

Bob said...

rosie:hey thanks for that I will look out for both, but more so the vodka.