Saturday, September 29


News reaches me that a group of taxi drivers in Essex are reporting themselves as among the most professional cabbies in the country.
Around 50 drivers from Chelmsford have received an NVQ in Road Passenger Transport and become members of the town's Quality Taxi Partnership.
The NVQ scheme, funded by the Learning and Skills Council, has introduced training in the areas of customer care, health and safety, safer driving and legal matters.
John Spencer, deputy cabinet member for highways and transportation ,tells us: “Taxi drivers work very hard in Essex at giving their customers the service they want, but this qualification will help them to achieve that something extra special."
This is obviously a load of old tommy rot, as everybody knows fine well that us Northern taxi drivers are the country's elite. Some might say I'm prejudice but it's a well known fact that us Northerners are a more friendly and trustworthy bunch. Still it's a good idea in principle, I'm all for any idea that improves the image of cab drivers.

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scififan said...

Hi Bob! I am one of the Chelmsford cabbies who took the NVQ test,for two reasons,one,it was free,and two,many of us suspect that the council will make it a requrement in the future for badge which point,of course,it will cost money! By the by,it was a complete load of rubbish and an insult to our intelligence!