Saturday, August 11

Sold Out Again

Despite widespread opposition our council have approved the spending of £2.4m on the new one way system. Once again we have money spent on our behalf without consulting the end user, which of course is us the locals who drive on these roads every day. Most local folk I pick up seem to be convinced that these plans are drawn up by someone from the remote north of the county who doesn't live or work in Barrow. Local government has been advised time and time again by ministries that they should consult with users before imposing schemes that effect locals livelihood's. But their is one thing that they seem to have overlooked, which would be glaringly obvious to any local driver and will lead to big problems. The whole thing will be bypassed by simply turning right and driving through our local Tesco car park. Now of course turning this car park into a race track will be hazardous to folk attempting to push their shopping trolleys ( whilst avoiding the seagull carcasses) back to the car. But of course if the scheme is in place for Christmas , those of us who are nostalgic about Christmases past will once again be able to enjoy the peace and goodwill of a few hours stuck in the queue to the infamous magic roundabout.

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