Wednesday, August 29

Karma Kab

Maybe I should take a leaf out of the book of Karma-Kabs from London, and import myself a nice Ambassador car from India. I can just see myself riding around in one of these silk and satin decorated, ragga music playing, incense burning works of art.
And maybe I would get a better class of customer, after all, I should think our local chavs and moshers wouldn't want to be seen dead on one of these magical mystery tours.
Larger-than-life personality company boss Tobias of Karma Kabs says . "Step into one of my cabs and you get a complete environment. "We don’t just take you from A to B, because I don’t like A and I don’t like B. With Karma Kabs, it’s the journey that counts not the destination."

"My car is like my house and when I invite you in, I want you to feel a relaxing calm. If you’re cool enough to appreciate that, great. If you’re not, we won’t take you again, you’ve got to have cool clearance to do business with us. Our cars don’t stink of air freshener, and you won’t get a lot of irritating nonsense about football and the weather from our drivers. We’re based on the principle of Karma and Karma is the fruit of the seeds that you’ve sown in your life."
Well, that sounds just up my street, I'm seriously tempted especially when I find that they charge upwards of £40 an hour. Yep, that's my kind of Karma! Now where did I put my kaftan.

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