Friday, August 24

Boats For Sale

Anyone interested in three brand new Corvettes, never used, delivery mileage only?
These three potential bargains are tied up in our local docks here in Barrow awaiting a buyer. Ordered by the sultan of Brunei allegedly the richest man in the world at a cost of £600m.
When BAE finished building the ships in 2004, the Government of Brunei refused to accept them, claiming that they were not up to specification. BAE took Brunei to arbitration and three years later the matter was settled. The arbitrator found in favour of BAE and the remaining value of the contract was paid.
The corvettes are high-speed vessels designed for use in coastal protection, specifically the defence of Brunei’s offshore oil assets.
Defence sources believe that the real reason for Brunei’s dissatisfaction with the vessels is that they were overcommissioned and, therefore, too complex.
The ships are armed with Exocet Block II antiship missiles, Seawolf surface-to-air missiles and a front-mounted gun.
If you are interested, bear in mind that these boats have been designed with the doors and beds constructed for smaller sailors, so start looking for mini-sailors first.
The ships being designed for a warmer climate also lack heating, so you may need to equip your mini-sailors with fur coats.


Peggy said...

I wonder how much they are. Perhaps instead of buying a caravan when I retire .. . .

Wouldn't it be fun to own a battleship, even for a little while?

Bill McClure said...

Would they be any good as canal boats Bob, or do they do more than 4mph?

Bill(the old one).

Bob said...

peggy:Yep me too, and who would argue about where you parked it.

Bill: Ideal as a canal boat bill, no need to open the locks a quick burst from the deck gun should suffice. If not theres always the Exocet's.

Anonymous said...

Yachting or Luxury Boating whatever you may call it, is a Leisure Loved the World-over!.. Undoubtedly an Industrialist or even a small Business Magnet can decide to Own an average Yacht or Speed-boat, & the decision would Really be right if it was to be just Onetime Investment Without any After-investment Tensions..that too, when an Owner is known to be able to Use/Enjoy It totally 25 Days/Nights in an Year!!...
The Ownership Economic entails endless technical tensions of Man-management-n- Maintenance, Berthing & Insurance etc….

Boats said...


At only two hundred million a piece, ill take all three :)

But seriously it would be funny to see these listed for sale on an online classified site like:
Boats For Sale