Friday, July 27

Wrong Number

My day off and it was time to head to our local landmark gent's hairdressers Ken Riley's for a head crop. Whilst chatting with the lovely young lady who was doing her best to tame my unruly mop, she told me of a problem she has with her phone number. It seems that her home phone number is only one digit different from our busiest local cab company's. This leads to lots of late night phone calls from misdialing local drunks looking for a ride home. The previous night, she tells me the conversation after she was woken from a deep slumber by a boozed up lady went like this. Drunk -can I have one now? hairdresser-one what? drunk- don't mess me about I want one now!
hairdresser-yawns and says" no", the drunk then launches into a five minute foul mouthed tirade of abuse and slams the phone down. Our long suffering hairdresser climbs back into bed and is just settling down when the phone rings again and yes you've guessed it"can I have one now" I was telling another cab driver about this and he told me that he has a similar problem. His phone number is one digit from that of a local lady's dress shop. Now this particular dress shop specialises in outfits for the more generous well rounded figure. He gets calls now and again from lady's asking if a dress they want is in stock, his standard ploy is to ask "and what size is that in madam" then whatever the reply he would answer "sorry can't help you, but I can give you the number of a marquee rental company, Rent-a-tent"


Dogbait said...

We're one number off a local restaurant and when people ring to make a booking, we usually tell them there's only left-overs for dinner!

keith said...

Over the years, my home number has been one digit off Currys in Telford, it currently is one digit off a very dodgy pizza take away in town and is erroneously in the local fire service internal directory. Life can be very frustrating having to deal with requests for 12" Hawaians !