Tuesday, July 24

Trade Plate Man

Anyone who has traveled the highways and byways of the UK will have seen a trade plate man. These are the guys we see stood carrying their red and white number plates at major road intersections and motorway service stations, trying to thumb a lift. Their job is to deliver new and second hand vehicles to dealers the length and breadth of the country. After they have made the delivery most of them opt to thumb a lift back home again, this is because most are self employed and they have to pay their own expenses.
I gave one a lift to the outskirts of town up to the first big roundabout where he would find it easier to beg a ride. After chatting with him for a while I got the impression that it's a hard lonely life with long hours. It's only down to luck when he manages to get lifts that are going in his direction, and he told me of countless hours stuck at wet and windy junctions. Just before he climbed out I said "well I hope you get home to something nice for tea tonight" he gave a sickly smile and replied "maybe not I have an appointment at six for a Vasectomy"
"Ouch" so if you see trade plate man on his travels take pity and give him a ride home eh!


Rosalind said...

I don't think he'll be in the mood for a ride, Bob ;)

Bob said...

rosalind: I just had to amend that slightly now you have said that. It just shows how pure of thought I am and how much of a mucky mind some folk are he,he