Sunday, July 1

Critical Security Alert

It seems that the critical security alert due to attempted bombings in London and the failed suicide bombing at Glasgow airport have had an effect on the local taxi trade. As crowded places like nightclubs are thought to be one of the soft targets that these cowards and lunatics want to bomb, police imposed parking restrictions near to all clubs and the bigger bars. Unfortunately this is just where all the main Town centre taxi ranks are located, and taxi's were forced to park elsewhere. And of course with it being Saturday, the busiest night of the week, this of course led to some loss of trade and some drivers were complaining, but in the main most accepted that it was a necessary evil and just got on with the job. The traffic cones were still in place for most of Sunday, but later in the day things seemed to be back to normal, lets hope it stays that way. I'd forgotten about it being the first day of the smoking in enclosed public places ban, but was soon reminded by the small groups of nicotine addicts standing outside the local pubs. It seemed to be quite amusing to them at first as they laughed and joked on the wet pavement, but as the rain got heavier the joke seemed to be on them.


Dogbait said...

Interesting, we had the same smoking ban start from yesterday in Victoria. TP is in Warrnambool visiting her sister and they went to a country pub nearby to see the nephew play in a band and she said it was wonderful being in a smoke free pub.

Bob said...

db: As a non smoker I welcome it with open arms, on a visit to Scotland a while back I found that it makes a world of difference, especially next day it's great to not have your clothes and hair smell of smoke.

Roy said...

looks as though "they're" out to get you , just back off holidays, you get terrorist alerts and a smoking ban, ah well the only way is up.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

i dont get it.

I just dont get it.
Suicide bombers..

Absolutely senseless.

Bob said...

aaron:Yep it seems that the world gets crazier by the day.