Tuesday, July 10

As the Crow Flies

The guy I picked up from a guest house which is on the outskirts of Barrow was more than a bit annoyed. He had travelled up from way down south by train and was working at the shipyard here for a week or so. He had booked his room on the internet and what made him book that particular guest house was that it was advertised as being three miles from Barrow. He being a keen environmentalist thought that would be ideal for him to walk into work in the mornings. But they must have meant three miles as the crow flies, this would have meant him swimming over the bay and trespassing through industrial sites and swimming across two docks. By road it was over six miles and much to far to walk, and so it was costing him £15 a day in taxi's. Nothing against the guest house, it's a really nice place but they really should check these things before publishing it world wide on the Internet.


John said...

We were looking for a place in New York on Expedia. Luckily my Lover spotted a comments box.
The mice in the kitchen eating my food kept me awake all night, Etc.
Then from a Mexican lady.
Dont stay here you might be poisoned or killed by a snake.
We stayed in the Wellington.
Right beside central park and Carnegie hall/.,
How do you get to Carnegie hall?

Paradise Driver said...

The town of Kula is just 4 miles up the hill from Kihei, "as the crow flies". Easily seen. However, it is an $80+ cab fare, since the roads don't follow the "crows".

Bob said...

John: Yep you really do have to check and double check

Wil: Same as the town of Morecambe is visible from my window now, it's about five miles across the bay but 45m by road.