Sunday, July 22

Al-Fayads Chopper

It seems that one of Mohamed Al-Fayed 's helicopters owned by his Air Harrods
charter company has had to make a forced landing on a local school playing field. The chopper has been stuck there all day and seems to be sinking deeper into the soft ground.
The strange thing is that the school Walney Secondary School is only a mile or so from Walney airfield. This is what they have to say about this nine seater aircraft which is the one used on occasion by ex prime minister Tony Blair.

"The Sikorsky S-76 is the first choice helicopter for heads of state and captains of industry, as it is known to be one of the most reliable and powerful helicopters in executive charter operations.
Our S-76C+ offers more a comfortable and elegant interior fitted to meet today's highest standards of luxury. With a separate air-conditioned cabin, improved soundproofing and Sikorsky's 'Quiet Zone' gearbox, it achieves the lowest noise levels of any helicopter in its class. You can relax and enjoy the journey or perhaps conduct private business meetings with fellow passengers while keeping in touch using the latest onboard satellite telephone equipment. With long range capability, a top cruise speed of 175mph, flexible seating configuration and room for six suitcases or eight sets of golf clubs in the baggage compartment this aircraft is the perfect choice for business or pleasure."
Sound posh eh! but unless they were dropping in for a game of golf at the nearby Furness Golf Club, it looks like it's broken down.


Ned Hughes said...

It looks very nice, but will it be worth the price tag?

Paradise Driver said...

I learned a long, long time ago that choppers have this one nasty little problem. They fall down and go BOOM!

Of course, where and when I was may have had an influence.

Dogbait said...

I arranged a surprise 40th joy flight in something similar for TP's 40th.

I have no idea why they call them "joy flights!" She loved it though.

Anonymous said...

Paradise driver - you will have to think again.... Helicopters only fall out of the sky VERY RARELY INDEED when anything goes wrong. Just like a clutch on a car, so the pilot can disengage the blades from the engine and then use the interia in the rotor system to bring the helicopter to a safe controlled landing.

Bob said...

anon:Yes you are right, but when Paradise Driver says "Of course, where and when I was may have had an influence" I think he's referring to a combat situation he had experienced.

Bob said...

Wil: I think I know where you are coming from on that wil.

DB:Got to agree with you there I found it horrible going straight up instead of the normal takeoff. And as for when they bank over and you look straight down to the distant floor, whoa! not for me thanks.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob,With Helicopters and things like that how the other half live yea, but me my motto is " I can swim a few strokes but can't fly an inch".