Friday, June 8

Pretty Sub?

Well it seems that I wasted my time giving the taxi that extra wash and brush up, just in case Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) wanted a quick cab ride into town, maybe for a pint at the Cross Keys or a pie from Green's. Apparently she landed at Walney Airfield, which is a pity because if she had been coming by road you can bet your life that Abbey Roads long delayed roadworks would have been finished in double quick time. But no the only fares I took to the launch of Barrow's newest built submarine HMS Astute were two local couples. One of the couples was boasting to the other about how they had seats at the top table along with all the VIP,s and about how jealous other manager,s would be of them. Funny how office politics always rear their ugly head, myself I'd rather have the Greens pie and the pint at the Keys. When the huge sub finally made it's way out of the giant Devonshire Dock Hall onto the huge ship lift ready to be lowered into the water hundreds of folk were busy taking photos. Myself I can't see any beauty in the huge black beast, they all look the same to me it's just a large black steel tube. OK so they tell me that it's more complex than the space shuttle and that they will be the largest and most powerful nuclear attack submarines ever built for the Royal Navy. But when I see the paintings that adorn some pub walls no matter how pretty the sunset or how blue the ocean it's still a big black steel tube no matter what.

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Jeff said...

Gone the days of seeing them slip down into Walney channel. Black tube or liner it was always a great sight.