Sunday, June 10

Drunken Sailor

Visiting Royal Navy sailors had a whale of a time in the pubs and clubs of Barrow over the weekend. But it seems that one jolly jack tar at least had a little too much of the local hospitality. He emerged from the Blue Lagoon, Barrow's floating nightclub at four am and decided that instead of walking the two miles or so to his ship that he would swim the few hundred yards across the dock and back to his bunk. Even though the ship looked temptingly close, he was soon in trouble in the ice cold dock water. Luckily for him he was spotted going in the water and a Navy rescue boat was launched to recover him. Boy I bet he was in trouble early next morning, but these guys of all people should know that alcohol and water just don't mix.


Paradise Driver said...

I am sure his name will be featured at the next "Captain's Mast".

Peggy said...

All I keep thinking is the old song, "What do you do with a drunken sailor".

I'm glad that the rescue boat got the buffoon before he killed himself.