Wednesday, May 30

Sign of the times

No smoking signs, get used to them because they'll be everywhere from 1st July. But what really is heavy handed is the fact that every public building must have them - regardless of what the building is. The government has decided on a new design for no-smoking signs and it also wants them put at the entrance of every enclosed public space, Buckingham Palace has to, so does 10 Downing Street, and even St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Even ancient monuments which the public have no access to must have them, but the thing is that they can't just be any old "no smoking" sign , rule's have to be followed and this applies to us in our taxi's as well.
SIGNS - THE RULES Signs Must be in colour Must be A5 size Must be a minimum of 70mm in diameter Must read: No smoking
Must contain, in characters that can be easily read by persons using the entrance, the words— " No smoking. It is against the law to smoke in these premises".


Bill said...

Where are we supposed to get these from.

Peggy said...

I bet you can get them at Staples.

Bob said...

bill:I should think they will be available at one of the stationary shops on Dalton Rd.

peggy: unfortunately we don't have a Staples here yet.

Roy said...

You might notice a bit of a slow down if you work nights Bob, but the pubs soon wise up and offer decent heated outdoor facilities.