Tuesday, May 8

Late Nights

This super Sunday I decided I would have a change from working during the day and so I ended up working from 6:30pm until 1:00 am. And what a busy one it was,every pub in the town centre was bursting at the seams, and Barrows notorious Cornwallis St, or as it is known in the trade the Gaza strip was buzzing. As the night wore on the punters were getting the worse for wear and in some town centre streets it was a game of dodge the drunk, as I weaved round crowds of revelers staggering in the middle of the streets. I could have kept busy until much later, but with having to work early the next day and looking at some of the states that were wondering round I decided to cut and run. Back up and out again early next morning I spent a big part of the day picking up the leftovers, some who had woken up with a bad head in strange places, and in some cases with even stranger people. Some of them I recognised from the previous night, you know it's funny how the gorgeous girls just don't look gorgeous any more in the cold morning light of the next day. With having worked the previous night I was looking forward to 5:pm and my finish time. It reached five to five and so I went to collect what I decided was my last fare of the day" it was" but unfortunately for me it was going the hundred miles or so to Manchester Airport . That meant not getting home until 9:pm, and a late overcooked tea. Of course I could have turned the airport job down, but I suffer from taxi drivers constipation"I just can't pass a good job"

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