Thursday, May 17


When I picked up at a Barrow supermarket today my fare had a full trolley of shopping. He looked at me hopefully and asked "will it all go in the boot" " No problem" I replied and opened the boot , he looked in the boot and said"wow thats a rare sight"this puzzled me and so I looked in the boot and said "there's nothing there it's empty" "Yes that's it" he said I get a taxi every day and most of them have stuff in the boot. As we drove, I asked him more about the stuff in the boot syndrome."what sort of stuff" I asked , "oh you know road cones,bricks, cement ,wood , tools,bowling balls, and last week one had a full set of golf clubs" I thought maybe he was exaggerating, and so I asked a few more regular fares during the rest of the day, and they told me of drivers with pushchairs, child seats, and in a lot of cases their own shopping in the boot. I was even told by one of our operators that they get fares ringing up now and again to say that they have taken the drivers shopping by mistake. It seems that I must be the odd one out with my empty boot

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Pissedoffcabbie said...

I've been known to have body parts in mine.