Friday, May 4

Another Driver Attacked

Another one of our drivers has been attacked and injured! Apparently at about 2am he picked up a group of young males and took them to our local Tesco supermarket and waited whilst they stocked up on beer. When he arrived at the address they asked to be taken to, none of them wanted to pay the fare. The driver of course told them that they couldn't have the beer until they had paid the fare. After a few minutes of this standoff these thugs appeared armed with nun chucks, with which before the driver could drive off they smashed his window and stole his taxi keys. Others broke the rear window and retrieved the beer, during this the driver was threatened, chased by thugs brandishing the nun chucks and then assaulted and left with a gashed face. All this on a Thursday night, which is considered to be one of the quieter nights, what's this town coming to! Myself I think that maybe Tesco should be thinking hard and long about it's twenty four hour alcohol sales, especially to groups like these who obviously had had far too much to drink already.


John said...

Well thats Tesco for you all for profit. But they do have good security cameras. Hope he is ok.
The old bill are not usually interested until someone is killed.
Then they put down their big Macs and take a look.
Na only a taxi driver!!!

TUFFENUF said...

I think you should be allowed to carry at least "pepper spray" or maybe even something more lethal for protection from these thugs!

Fuel Price Fighter said...

Sorry to hear that! Our company is starting to supply an affordable CCTV for Taxi drivers! Please have a look if this helps anybody! At least you'll catch them on film!

Peggy said...

They should be able to find out who these thugs are from Tesco cameras filming them buying beer and if they used a card to purchase it the account can be found. I hope the police do their work quickly. I'm sorry that happend. Nobody deserves that.