Thursday, May 24

All Greek To Me

Well I'm a bit disappointed that I never got this little job , it would have been a nice run out.

"A retired teacher in her nineties took a cab to Greece to see the site where Alexander the Great took lessons from Aristotle.
Kathleen Searles made the trip from Britain to northern Greece accompanied by her nurse, spent half an hour at the site of Aristotle's School, then got back in the cab for the journey of several thousand miles home. Searles had a lifelong dream to visit the site in Isvoria, near the modern Greek city of Naousa, where the famous philosopher tutored the heir to the Macedonian throne and other nobles in 342 BCE. The teachings of Aristotle, one of the leading philosophers of Greek antiquity, are believed to have heavily influenced Alexander, who resolved to spread ancient Greek culture in the vast empire he subsequently carved out in modern-day Turkey, Egypt, Persia and India."


Camie Vog said...

Hi. I found you through TruckDrivers blog. I noticed in your links that you have Barnze in your Good Un's. I used to go to his blog when he had it on Blogger. He is mates with my pal 4Dinners. I just found it funny that when I think I am going outside the usual blog friends by finding other blogs, it always seems to go full circle.
take care.

Bob said...

camie vog: Yep the world is getting smaller and funny you should mention Arron the truck driver, I had a comment from him a while back about a video I posted of the Portland ice storm. He said "I had not watched this till you posted it.
A friend in Seattle called yesterday and asked how I liked the ice storm.
(we talk every month or so)
I told her I didn't have to work that day but I saw this video that you posted and couldn't believe it.
She said, oh I saw that too.
One of the parked cars belonged to her daughter!
So - A guy Ive never met posted a video of a Portland news clip, I see it and tell a friend 150 miles north and her daughter who lives in Portland was part of the whole mess."

"Makes one dizzy."

Peggy said...

Perhaps if you worked out the fare to Athens and other desitinations where you would be willing to drive and made a small sign somewhere in the taxi, somebody would take you up on the offer.

Bob said...

peggy: Maybe, but I have probably got more chance of winning the lottery!

Aaron ~ Road82 said...

"several thousand miles"
Wonder if she paid by the day.
AND, after spending only 1/2 hour at the destination she leaves!

I think she secretly just wanted to take a long cab ride and used Greece as a excuse.

Bob said...

aaron: Some folks do use cab's sociably as a way of just having some one to talk to. Some old folk tell me that I'm the only person they have had a conversation with for days.