Sunday, April 15


A bright sunny Sunday morning and one of my first jobs was to pick a lady up from Furness General hospital and take her the twenty four miles to her home in Millom. She had been brought down by ambulance the night before, but unfortunately she was left to find her own way home. We tend to forget about these poor folks when we moan about having to travel the two or three miles up to the hospital. Now we Barrow folk do have a bit of a tradition of taking the mickey out of Millom and it's locals for some reason, we tend to think of it as a bit of a rural backwater. Some story's such as the one Barrovian visitors to Millom tell of following signs to the local leisure centre and then finding they lead them to two sheep tied to a lamppost, just don't help. But when you find that they have a clean working public toilet open at 9am on a Sunday morning in a town with a population of only 7000, you begin to wonder where Barrow with none at all for it's 60,000 people is going wrong.


Joe said...

I worked in Millom for four years Bob, a grand place and good people. Loved the train into Barrow!

Bob said...

joe: yep the road out is nice too!