Monday, April 23


At last the demolition of Barrow's infamous grot spot "The Mall" is well underway, and about time too, it should have gone years ago. But where will all the hundreds of newly homeless pigeons go to I wonder? My guess is that they will join their feathered friends the short flight away at the burnt out former Presbyterian Church in School Street. Which will only add to the massive problem we already have with pigeon infestation in Barrows town centre. Disgracefully even some of the empty floors above shops in Barrows main shopping street, Dalton Road have been made home by these flying health hazards. But even so I was amused this morning to watch Barrow's bird lady, busy on her secret mission. Scattered about the town centre we have signs telling us that we should not feed the pigeons and that it's illegal to do so, and so our bird lady has gone undercover. She was walking round in big circles on the car park near to the old burnt out church. Why was she wearing an oversize coat with bulging pockets? at first I couldn't figure out what she was up to. But getting a bit closer I could see that she was doing her Gretal impression, leaving a long trail of breadcrumbs behind her. She must have had her pockets stuffed with sliced bread and was breaking it into crumbs and dropping it as she walked from a hole inside her coat.


bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, She must have been watching "The great escape"i should think.Keep up the good work. Bob

Anonymous said...

what they doing with it bob after they have knocked it down ?

are they going to rebuild it because its going to look stupid if they dont do out with it ?

cheers bri the stupid taxi driver

Deryk said...

"where will all the hundreds of newly homeless pigeons go"

Back to Victoria Hall, I suppose :)

Bob said...

Bri:They are going to rebuild further back, but just offices instead of shops.
deryk:Now that would not surprise me, I always did think that it was a waste of money doing it up,it' still not a nice building.

Deryk said...

Vic.Hall was a curse and completely ruined CAF. (I used to work there, but escaped for a more stable job). Far too expensive to do up, and far too expensive to run. Should've seen the gas bills!!

Someone needs to look after it though, it's a listed building with a lot of history.

Bob said...

deryk: I would say the way forward would be to obtain planning for conversion to luxury apartments, and then it would be worth far more than the 450k it's valued at present.