Thursday, March 22

Treesa green

I've noticed that a lot of the trees in Barrows Hartington St are being cut down, but I nearly choked when I read the reason they give for doing this. They say that the trees are not evenly spaced, and are not all the same size. I can't believe they are wasting money on replanting fresh trees, even if they will be evenly spaced on what must be one of the worst maintained roads in the town. The speed bumps are worn out and falling apart, and deep potholes are every few yards, and since this street is being used as a major road diversion a lot more traffic passes through, wearing it out even quicker. But still as we scrape and bounce along, at least we will soon have the evenly spaced trees to admire.

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Anonymous said...

That is nothing. Right outside my work just before Christmas our wonderful council spent an entire week putting down 24 speed bumps. The entire road could have been resurfaced for less. What makes it worse is that there are no houses near the road.

It has been discovered that they are 3 mm too high and have to be redone.

Is there any poltical opposition party objecting to this madness. Well I don't here any.

PS No it isn't nothing. Trees are living organisms and what they are doing in Barrow is criminal.