Wednesday, March 7

Road Block

It seems to be a case of piling on the agony for local drivers in Barrow. Not content with just one long term major road closure, we now have to suffer the closure of the whole of Dalton Rd from Buccleuch St to Abbey Rd. Unfortunately this is just the section where all the major banks and building society's are located, and this is causing big problems for our disabled and elderly customers, surely they could have come up with something more sensible than a complete closure.
One worrying thing I did notice was that the completion date on the signs had been taped over , so I would say be prepared for long wait until it's finished. One unexpected and probably unplanned bonus, that most drivers haven't cottoned on to yet is the opening up to traffic of High St, this saves driving all round the town centre to get from one side of town to the other.

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